I specialize in user experience, design and design research. The services I offer include animations and special-effects designs, graphics design services, such as digital illustrations, fine art illustrations, storyboards, retouched photographs, videos and screencasts. I design and develop websites and consult in all things user experience from the early planning phase all the ways to final delivery of an application or website. I design posters, invitations, and motion graphics. I create storyboards for any type of creative project and can consult for any project related to user experience (UX).


Pricing depends on your project - let's get on a call and discuss your needs. Once I understand your requirements, I will create a proposal at no cost to you. You find my contact information here.


You can find many work samples on my dedicated portfolio website or simply click on the images below to go directly to one of the examples.


Digital Illustrations

Print Design (Magazine layout)

Motion Graphics

Print Design (Gala Invitation)

Video Direction and Production

Fine Art Illustrations

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